Patient Responsibility

1. It is generally medically more efficient for the doctor or nurse to see patients in the surgery rather than at home, so please only ask for a home visit if you are too ill or house bound to attend the surgery.

Please try to phone before 11.00am whenever possible.

2. It is rare that children cannot be transported to the surgery and we will always be happy to see a very unwell child as soon as they arrive. Please let us know if your child has a rash of a possible infectious disease and we will let you wait in a separate room to prevent spread.

3. Please ensure that you arrive on time for surgery appointments and cancel any you do not need as early as possible. We lose an enormous amount of clinical time with patients not turning up to appointments.

4. Individual appointments are for one patient only, so please book appropriately when more than one needs to be seen.

5. The surgery is closed between 12.30-2.00pm and we ask that you respect this. However, in a medical emergency, at any time, you can ring 01932 872261.

6. If you feel your problem cannot be dealt with in the 10 minute routine appointment, please contact the reception staff to make appropriate arrangements.

7. Patients who repeatedly and persistently ignore their responsibilities to us and other patients or who are violent or abusive will NOT be tolerated and will be removed from our lists.


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